Our Scope

At WKS Door Systems, we hold international certifications which have allowed us to achieve a global scope. We’ve conducted projects all over the American continent focusing on a high-quality market with rigorous specifications. We are located in Mexico just a few hours away from the international maritime port and two from the border with the U.S., making us especially competitive in these two markets.

Our installed manufacturing capacity is that of 200 certified doors a shift, being able to increase it to up to three shifts per day. Our grounds cover a total of 13,000 m2.

We make use of the most advanced technology in our assembly lines with German, Spanish and Italian machines enabling a cost reduction that benefits our clients.

WKS Door Systems

Textil 101, Parque Industrial Escobedo

C.P. 66050, Escobedo Nuevo León

+52 81 81 54 87 01

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