At WKS Door System we conceptualize doors to achieve their integration with an entire Architectural Design, we like to try a wide variety of finishes on wood and highlight the nature of its forms.

As an architectural door factory, we have multiple designs and we work on a wide variety of specifications, materializing the architectural concept of the most demanding markets.

We deliver unique products that manage to highlight and differentiate your project.








Grain Direction

Decorative HPL laminate

We have commercial partners of decorative laminates of the most recognized brands worldwide and leaders in the industry. We can offer a wide range of colors, textures and designs to help conceptualize any project.



Our UV paint line is a differentiator in the projects in which we participate.

We have the standard colors in the industry and, if necessary, we can match any desired color.


The use of inks and UV technology helps us make our doors more resistant to light, helping the colors not to degrade as quickly.

 The application of these UV products are low in VOC (volatile organic chemical), that is, the product is free of gas emissions, the material is completely dry, which is why it falls into the category of LEED Doors.

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